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French campsites.

Formerly reserved for the small budgets or the sportsmen eager to benefit from nature, the camp-site interests today another customers, still attracted by competitive prices, but nevertheless in search of comfort

For that, the camp-sites propose as many services as the best hosts (swimming pool, nursery, spa and beauty parlor…). For the holiday makers allergic to the tent, it is possible to rent a country cottage, a bungalow or a Mobil-home. Inside the camp-site, the holiday makers will also find a restaurant, a bar, a store of food, and sometimes a dance hall or a discotheque. The camp-sites are installed in the tourist areas of the countries (seaside resorts, stations of mountain or zones of thermal tourism.

Alsace camp-sites: Area of history, marked by the French and German influences, Alsace knew to preserve its original character, in particular through its social laws and the widespread practice of its regional language. On vacation in a camp-site in Alsace, the visitors will discover the charm of river tourism and the pleasure of the excursions in the forests and natural reserve of the area.

Aquitaine camp-sites: In Aquitaine, the camper can install his tent by the sea, on the Atlantic facade, in full forest of the Dordogne, in the Pyrenean mountain or in the Pays Basque. The oceanic climate offers a mind temperature all the year round. Festive, sporting or family, a stay in Aquitaine answers all the wishes of the holiday makers.

Auvergne camp-sites: In the middle of France, this area of lakes and old volcanos propose to the campers, ecological and thermal tourism, ideal for health and back in shape. The gastronomes will appreciate the savor of the regional dishes, pork-butchery and cheese. According to the season, the sportsmen practice the ski touring, the excursions or the water sports on the lakes of mountain.

Burgundy camp-sites: Especially known for its wines, Burgundy is also a country of gastronomes. The holiday makers profit from hundreds of kilometers of paths traced along the ways of closed down railroads, or waterways. In addition, a wide range of acivities is proposed to the tourists, near the campsites (climbing, white water rafting, golf, fishing in river…).

Brittany camp-sites: At the seaside or in the countryside, the Breton camp-sites are always close to nature, and offer a bunch of activities to the holiday makers (veil training on the Breton coast, discover of Celtic inheritance, animations, in particular during the Interceltic Festival in August…).

Camp-sites Centre: The Centre area is very attended for its architectural heritage, consisted with the Loire château. In stay in a camp-site close in Blois or Chenonceau, the tourists will visit these buildings, often built at the end of the Middle Ages and during the Rebirth.

Camp-sites Champagne Ardennes: Between Ile-de-France and Lorraine, the Champagne-Ardennes area is of course known for the champagne wines. But the area as developed ecological tourism with more than 5,000 kilometers of marked out paths, as the campers will stride by feet, by bicycle or by horse.

Camp-sites Corsica: At the edge of the sea or in mountain, to camp in Corsica offers to the tourist the occasion to practice the most varied activities: Water sports and pleasures of the beach in the seaside resorts. Excursions, climbings or canyoning on the rivers. The party animals will appreciate the night life in Calvi, Saint-Florent or Porto-Vecchio where go "beautiful people".

Franche-Comte camp-sites: The campers in love with natural holidays will find in Franche-Comte the mountains of the Vosges and the Jura, immense forests and lakes, rivers, pits and cascades. All the leisures of nature are practicable in Franche-Comte, according to the season (Alpine skiing or ski touring, river cruisings, excursions…). In winter, the camp-sites of the ski stations propose Mobil homes or bungalows in weekly renting.

Camp-site Ile de France: The camp-sites in Ile-de-France give to the tourists the opportunity to visit a rich area from all points of view. In Ile-de-France, the campers are never far from Paris or a place worthy of interest (Versailles and its castle, historic buildings, Eurodisney or Asterix Park).

Languedoc-Roussillon camp-sites: In Languedoc-Roussillon, the holiday makers have access to the most varied leisures. To find a campsite with swimming pool, under the tent or in a rented Mobil home, is easy in an area which counts many seaside resorts, stations of mountain or thermal resorts.

Limousin camp-sites: The Limousin is the deep France. In this slightly populated area, the campers are far from the effervescence of the most famous tourist sites. Here, the camp-site agrees perfectly with the idea of calm, and is perfectly appropriate for family tourism.

Lorraine camp-sites: Villages of mountain and spas accommodate the campers in Lorraine. On the program, VTT, golf, ski or thermal tourism. The gastronomes will taste the Lorraine quiches, jams of mirabelle plum or potful, accompanied by wines of the Moselle or mineral water. The amateurs of History will visit Domremy, the Joan of Arc native house.

Midi-Pyrenees camp-sites: Area famous for its foie gras, its cassoulet and other specialities, the Midi-Pyrenees area offers a vast range of leisures to its visitors. Here, the campers can practice the descent of channels on board barges, ski in the Pyrenees or traverse the Way of Saint-Jacques-of-Compostelle. In addition, the area proposes many animations and festivals throughout the year.

Camp-sites Nord/Pas-de-Calais: Tourism in the area offers 2 aspects. On the one hand, beaches and its many camp-sites at the bottom of dunes, on the other hand, interior of the country crossed by many rivers. This very accessible area is the country of the ch' tis, much more since film issue.

Normandy camp-sites: The Normans seaside resorts are very attended in July and August, in particular because of some tourism headlight destinations, like the Mount-Saint-Michel or Deauville. But the Norman countryside with its cuisine deserves also a visit. In any event, at the seaside orin the countryside, Normandy offers quantity of places where the camper can to install his tent.

Camp-sites Provence Alps French Riviera: PACA is undoubtedly the most attended area. In July and August, it is preferable to book in advance a Mobil-home or site in the camp-sites of the Riviera. In the same way, the camp-sites of mountain in the Alps are appreciated more and more by the tourists, followers of the ecological holidays.

Camp-sites Pays de Loire: To camp in edge of the Loire gives to the tourist the bargain to practice quantity of sporting, natural or cultural leisures. The seaside resorts in Loire-Atlantique, in particular La Baule know a very important frequentation in August. A moderate climate makes it possible to practice the camp-site in spring or in off-season.

Picardy camp-sites: Water sports, excursions, cruisings out of bay of Somme, are part of the leisures suggested to the holiday makers, in Picardy area. From Mers-les-Bains up to the edges of Oise, the campsites are numerous and perfectly equipped for holidays in a family and convivial atmosphere.

Camp-site Poitou-Charentes: The surroundings of the La Rochelle and the islands of the Charente coast are very appreciated places by the campers. The gourmets will assess the quality of oysters and the products of the sea. The night birds will taste the festive life of the seaside resorts of the Atlantic coast.

Camp-sites Rhone Alps: Crossed by the Rhone and its affluents, the area has a great capacity of reception for all tourisms, cultural, family, thermal or sporting. Formerly held to the skiers, the stations of mountain are appreciated more and more in summer, for their very healthy climate. The followers of the camp-site in altitude will find in the stations of the Alps, many solutions for lodging under the tent, in bungalow or Mobil home.

Between France and Spain, the Principality of Andorra has a half-dozen of camp-sites close to the tourist resorts of the country (Soldeu, La-Rabassa or Andorra-the-Old woman. Campings Andorre provides you the list of these establishments and the conveniences that you will find there.


Stay in a French campsite

Alsace camp-sites:
- Campsite Niederbronn les Bains:

Aquitaine camp-sites:
- Bayonne Campsite:
- Biarritz Campsite:
- Mimizan Campsite restaurant:
- Campsite Saint-Jean-de-Luz:

Auvergne camp-sites:
- Campsite Bourbon-Archambault:
- Chatel-Guyon Campsite:
- Campsite Moulins :

Burgundy camp-sites:
camp-sites Saint-Honore-les-Bains:

Brittany camp-sites:
- Campsite-restaurant Belle-Ile-en-Mer:
- Fouesnant-les-Glenans Campsite:
- Campsite Island of Ushant:

camp-sites Centre:
- Amboise Campsite:

camp-sites Champagne Ardennes:
- Campsite Bourbonne-les-Bains:

camp-sites Corsica:
- Calvi Campsite:
Campsite Porto-Vecchio:
- Saint-Florent Campsite:

camp-sites Franche-Comte:
- Campsite-restaurant Lons-le-Saunier:
- Campsite Luxeuil:

camp-sites Ile de France:
Campsite Fontainebleau:

Languedoc-Roussillon camp-sites:
- Campsite Narbonne:
- Campsite Grau du Roi Port Camargue:

camp-sites Limousin:
Campsite Evaux-les-Bains:

camp-sites Lorraine:
- Campsite Contrexeville:
- Campsite La Bresse:

Midi-Pyrenees camp-sites:
- Campsite Bagneres de Bigorre:

camp-sites in Nord/Pas-de-Calais:
- Campsite Etaples Sur Mer:
- Campsite le Touquet:

Normandy camp-sites:
- Campsite Deauville:
- Mont-saint-Michel Campsite:

camp-sites Provence, Alps, French Riviera:
- Campsite Antibes- Juan les Pins:
- Campsite Nice:

camp-sites Pays de Loire:
- Campsite Sables d'Olonne:
- Campsite la Tranche sur Mer:

Picardy camp-sites:
- Campsite Mers-les-Bains:
- Stay Park Asterix:

camp-sites Poitou-Charentes:
- Campsite Island of Re:
- Campsite Island of Oleron:

camp-sites Rhone Alps:
- Uriage Campsite restaurant:


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